Oyarzabal: "It will be a strange feeling to have Iñigo in front"

Mikel Oyarzabal believes that this Saturday it will be very rare to have Iñigo Martínez in the opposite team, above in Athletic Bilbao, but that the goal of the Real will be the same, which is to win the derby, regardless of friendships and rivalries between the two clubs.

Oyarzabal was interviewed yesterday in Onda Vasca and left his impressions on Saturday's derby. "It is often said that the derbies do not matter how you get there, because they are always different parties, often it does not matter if you go well or badly, it is a meeting that is lived to the fullest, in a very intense way, both inside and outside. a special shock, before a special rival to which you come playing from lower categories, "he said. The young realistic star knows several rojiblancos, but goes to the topic. "In the countryside there are no friends, each one defends their interests and, when you are already in those 90 minutes, they are at war, each one defends what he wants above anything else and, once finished, there will be time to chat and Remember that friendship, "he said.

Among those rivals will be Iñigo, for the first time playing against Real. "The feeling is going to be strange, it's been a partner and having him in front of him is strange, it was a personal decision that he made, thinking that it was the best and we have to respect it. demonstrated that he is a great person no matter how much he has made a personal decision of that kind, personally, I can only thank him because since I came up with the subsidiary, in that year and a half that I shared with him, he has always been there to help me , give me advice and put that cane also needed in the locker room to motivate people, "he said.Get your 1x2 picks and bet on your favourite matches.

“In the field there are no friends, each one defends their interests " Oyarzabal was also wanted by Athletic, but preferred to stay in Real. "I was very clear about what I wanted and I did not feel any doubt about the decision I was going to make, I knew what I wanted and that was what I had here, when you have things clear and you see where you want to be, there is no more," . The realist praised the rojiblanco team. "I'm left with their way of competing, it's different from what we're used to now, more used to the beautiful game and such, but they always compete, as much as things do not go well they're always there and they'll squeeze you, in a derby, "he said.

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